The Nokia Tube 5800 finally makes it into the station

nokia-5800-xpress-music-thumb-400x280.jpgIt arrived, it was announced, we were then told it’d be coming soon and now, after much waiting and nail biting, the Nokia 5800 is FINALLY here. And all I can say is – it’s about bloody time.

As of Friday 23rd January, the Tube will be available to the UK masses to get their grubby mitts on. Don’t go marking it in your diary just yet, as it’ll only be available in Nokia’s flagship store in Regent Street, Heathrow’s notorious Terminal 5 flagship stores, or via the web. However, wait 7 days and it’ll be available everywhere – everywhere you can pick up a phone, of course.

Great news for commitment-phobes – you’ll be able to grab the long-awaited Nokia phone SIM free from £250. There’s no talk of contracts just yet, but rest assured, you won’t be shelling out as much as £250.

[via Tech Digest]

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Lucy Hedges