CES 2009: LG bringing YouTube to Bluray

bluray player.jpg
It’s been a lean year for LG. The press conference was littered with references as to what they achieved in 2008 (one phone sold every second in the US!) with scant reference to what’s to come this year. Still, in an effort to keep you up to date on the world of LG, here’s what we know…

Whilst it’s not coming to the UK in the near future, LG is focusing on providing consumers with more content that they can shake a User Generated stick at. Specifically, many of their televisions and Bluray players will feature access to Netflix, which was available in 2008’s BD300 Bluray player, and from today also Yahoo and YouTube. Nice to be a Yank, no?

Here in the UK, whilst we won’t get the Netflix support, the new BD370 player will stream content from YouTube. It also supports the new Profile 2.0 Bluray standard, which means even more features, such as Live Chat. No word on pricing, but you can expect to see it in April of this year.

Susi Weaser