The Love Trainer tells you when the love making will begin

love-trainer-header.jpgA unisex sex enhancer is something that I don’t *ever* want to use or see for that matter. It just sounds like it should fall into the same category as *shudder* Viagra or those unisex pills for people who’ve lost their mojo (generally those of an older generation). It just doesn’t sound sexy in the slightest.

With credit crunch issues generally affecting all types of businesses, creative hats have had to be employed to come up with ways to prevent the decline of business any further. So, to prevent itself from wasting any unnecessary pennies, Sega Toys has re-badged its Body Trainer headset to become the Love Trainer. It’s basically still the same device, but rather than verbalise phrases such as “Please exercise a little bit harder”, it will now whisper breathy phrases to you like, “Following the beat, make love much harder” (ewwww). Quite frankly, if you need verbalised instructions during the sacred act (pah) that is love making, you shouldn’t be allowed to do it!

So what do you reckon – is it the Love Trainer telling the couples in the image above when and how to kiss? Do you think they’re awaiting further instruction and keeping it intimate to maintain the mood.? Who knows? And I guess we never will, as I for one will not be trying this out.

It retails for $80 USD and can be used with or without a partner (again, ewww).

Sega Toys (site currently under construction)

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Lucy Hedges