The Cuckoo Watch makes the time pass entertainingly

clock watch cool.jpg
Maybe you’re more of a worker bee then I am, but sometimes I find myself longingly gazing at the clock, wondering when it will be time to go home. Well this watch will make it abundantly clear just how fast the time is going, as every hour a cuckoo icon appears above the clock face. As this is still a prototype, I couldn’t tell you if there’s also a sound to go with it (wouldn’t that be great) but it is bright enough to put a smile on your face.

Get it at Hannes Grebin [via Pop Gloss]

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Zara Rabinowicz


  • Tony, I would say it’s a Simpsons character, or perhaps someone with a serious case of jaundice!!

    And Holly, prototype products are great – they fill us with hope of what could be. I must admit it can be pretty heartbreaking, but exciting nonetheless, right?

  • Why must you post concept products that don’t exist? :( It breaks my heart when I go to find out how much it costs and realise I can’t have it.

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