The FunFlyStick – for kids or the easily amused

funflystick.jpgTo a child, the Fun Fly Stick is a magical wand with the ability to bamboozle their little minds. To adults, it’s a battery powered baton utilising the power of science by generating an electronic charge (a Van de Graaff generator to be precise) to repel the FunFlyers – that’d be the five tinselly things that come with it (each with different floating properties). When the tip of the magic wand/baton touches the tinselly objects, they become charged with the static electricity and therefore repel the wand. For the children, it’s magic – they don’t care about the physics involved. Again, for the adults, there’s no incredulity… just science.

With your magical stick there are plenty of tricks to flaunt – there’s some levitating fun to be had, you can beckon the FunFlyers with your hand and why not really shake things up by making them jump between your body and the FF stick?

Much to Susi’s dismay, the magic doesn’t stretch to other objects, except balloons.

Paul Daniels, eat your heart out! Wow the crowds here for £24.95.


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Lucy Hedges