Pioneer's cinephile Blu-ray player

As a recent convert to Blu-ray, I am fully subscribed to the ‘Oh lord, I can never ever watch a film with less than 1080 pixels across ever again’ theory. Pioneer wholeheartedly agree, as is evident in the release of the BDP-LX91, which they’re billing as ‘the cinephile’s Blu-ray disc player’.

As well as playing Blu-ray discs, it will upgrade your existing DVDs for high definition viewing. It also supports BD-Live, which is the latest innovation from the Blu-ray stable. This allows access to additional features over Ethernet, such as Live Chat within movies, online gaming and the chance to download heaps of additional features for the film you’re watching.

There’s also 48-bit HDMI Deep Colour, which increases the shades of colours on your screen, as well as x.v.Colour which increases the depth of reds, greens and blues. Sound is sorted too, thanks to Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio which promises to deliver studio quality sound.

Sounds good, no? Well, it should be for £1,700. If that’s a little rich for your tastes, my new player is Samsung BDP1500, which is a more affordable option, at about £150.


Susi Weaser

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  • player does not output 46 bit deep c in 1080p, in 1080i only, see specs at pioneer site. So in the most interesting mode is does the ‘usual’ 36 bit

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