Sumsing Turbo 3000 Xi Multitask – the ultimate mobile phone

sumsing.jpgWe all dream about having the bestest, most excellent or ultimate mobile phone (at least the true geeks do anyway) and we’re not far off from having every aspect of our everyday lives crammed into a plastic brick. But picture this, if you will – a mobile that acts as a dishwasher, can iron out those shirt creases, dry your hair, pump your bicycle tyres *and* assist with a cardiac arrest by jump starting hearts. Sounds like some kind of joke, no? Well it is. The video after the jump is quite obviously a spoof – I think what first gives it away is the line ‘It’s a mobile phone with many functions, including a dishwasher function”.

And before any smart alecs comment on the age of the video, I’m fully aware it’s not what you would classify as ‘new’, but there are some of us who haven’t seen it, and may appreciate a Tuesday afternoon chuckle.

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Lucy Hedges