Do you live in a crime zone?

crime.gifIf there’s something strange in your neighbourhood, who you gonna call? Well… no one – just go on line and see how much crime is going down in your neck of the woods. If you fear your area is heavily embedded with crime – possibly knife and gun toting hoodies/youths running around, wreaking havoc in your neighbourly towns, you’ll be able to see just how much by visiting a virtual crime map – a combination of 43 police forces across England and Wales and an amalgamation of their data on the criminal activity in their areas – including robberies, vehicle crimes and violent crimes.

The aim – to give you an informed view about crime in their local area. The question – would you want to know if there’s a 70 percent crime rate of violent crime in your area? The thought of having a high crime rate of violence and criminal damage in your area is very scary and unnerving, but still, it’d be good to know whether you need to leave the house with pepper spray wouldn’t it?

[via IT Pro]

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Lucy Hedges