Strictly Come Dancing – the robot special


Some people just can’t let things lie. Just when you thought Strictly Come Dancing was all over and you were safe till the next season, Q4 Technology comes out with some clever robot programming software, allowing you to instruct your WowWee robot (up to 11 different models) to accomplish moves Arlene Phillips would be proud of. Go-Robot Choreographer and Go-Robo Studio software gives robot enthusiasts the chance to program their automatons to bus’ a move, Strictly Come Dancing style. And just like in the accompanying pic, you can put them in frilly outfits and make them look silly too.

The software is designed for kids, but so is this, this and this and that hasn’t stopped us (self-respecting adults) from wanting them.

So if you’re missing Tess and old Brucie (and you happen to own a compatible WowWee robot of course), it sounds like you need to grab a piece of the action. You’d better hope there’s not some kind of robot revolution though – your collection will definitely be coming for you with revenge on the agenda after this.

Q4 Technology

[via Tech Digest]

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Lucy Hedges