Sony launches super thin, super pricey OLED in the UK

You might have been under the impression that the super thin Sony OLED TV was already available in the UK – after all, it has been touted at every trade show since January 2007. But in fact, Sony has waited until today to unveil it in the shops in Britain, as well as unveiling a monstrous price tag.

Measuring just 3mm thick, with a screen size of 11-inches (ah, yes, the famous mixed measurements) the Bravia XEL-1 is set to cost £3489. The same model in the US costs $2,499 or an equivalent of £1,750. Rule Britannia, no?

There were larger screen sizes seen as prototypes at CES this year, and most stunning they did look, too. But at the cost of a second hand car for an 11-inch model, we can’t wait to see the catalogue price of the upcoming larger models.

Get yours here.

Susi Weaser

One thought on “Sony launches super thin, super pricey OLED in the UK

  • After waiting so much atlast Sony launches super thin 11-inch Bravia XEL-1 TV priced is £3,489.This is an amazing TV and looking very cool.

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