Hand crank your own smoothies with the Easy Health Juicer

easy health juicer.jpgA manual juicer… Really? Well, I suppose we are still in the month of improbable diets and detox resolutions. So if the thought of manually reducing your fruit and veg to a yummy pulp while simultaneously keeping control of those bingo wings, has more appeal than shoving your fruit (with the skins on) into a machine and letting technology run its course (and you’re a bit on the eco-friendly side) the hand cranking Easy Health Juicer is your juice extractor. Just attach to any smooth surface, sentence your fruit or veg to a crushing death and crank away.

Based on the picture, something tells me extracting juice from anything in the grocery arena isn’t going to be effortless. But on the upside – being healthy and eco-friendly… it’s an environmental vegetarian’s dream.

£30 from Eco Outlet

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Lucy Hedges


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