Shure they're a pair of headphones – but are they any good?


There’s not much to say about a pair of wired headphones, unless they step outside of the basic and ordinary box, which these clearly don’t… in the looks department, that is. But sound wise, it’s more than likely the latest member to the Shure SE family is going to be a quality pair of music listening equipment. As you can see, the SE115s come in four different colours – perhaps that’s because apparently, the kids could be into bright colours right now?

Shure has proved in the past in can produce quality foam, base emitting earphones and is quite well known for producing inconspicuous noise isolating in-ear buds. And seeing as all the above are listed on the spec list, it’s safe to say they’ll be worth all the $99 USD you’re going to use to buy them.

[via Trusted Reviews]

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Lucy Hedges