Would you dump your Facebook mates for a BK whopper?


Do you love BK whoppers that much that you’d consider dropping a few of your Facebook pals just to bag yourself a free one? Do you really love Burger King that much? Or have you just been waiting for a reason to downsize your FB friends? Sounds like you need the Whopper Sacrifice application. It’ll reward you with a mouth watering (or gut-wrenching depending on your perspective) each time you cull ten of your friends. And if you were thinking you could do this covertly, think again – each friend chosen for the chop will receive a notification via Facebook’s news feed, letting them know (and the whole of Facebook) that their ex-Facebook friend has more zeal for a Whopper than their friendship (nice).

Apparantly, over 40,000 friends have been obliterated so far in the quest for free food. I understand these are hard times, but would you really eradicate ten of your friends for a greasy burger? Yes? You may lose friends, but who cares when you’re getting a free burger right?

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