Shiny Downtime!!! Find something else to do between 18:00 and 19:00 GMT!!!

Things you could do for an hour between 6pm and 7pm today:

– Remind yourself of the cliffhanger from the last series of Lost – there’s a new series starting tonight and I’d hate to think you were spending the first 20 minutes trying to remember who everyone is.

– Bake a cinamon and apple inauguration cake, as seen here and eaten by Obama at his 2009 Inauguration Luncheon.

– Try to plan your outfits for the remainder of January. Draw diagrams, with colour swatches.

– Take up a hobby. Knitting is a little passe, but I believe macramé is coming back.

– Sit in a dark room. Waiting. Waiting, and hoping we’ll be back soon. And shaking a bit. Especially when it dawns on you there’s no guarantee we’ll be back dead on 7. Fun times!

Susi Weaser