Save the environment and your pennies with ecoRoute

ecoRoute.jpgAre you the kind of person who knows the little known automobile fact that deflated tyres increase fuel consumption? Or are you one of those people who know the exact fuel prices of surrounding petrol stations in your area? Or maybe you’re that particular breed of driver who charges mates a few quid just for a half a hour journey? Does that sound like you? Are you bit tight fisted of a miser when it comes to fuel and driving in general? Sounds like you could do with the free software from Garmin called ecoRoute, designed to help drivers (with a Garmin nüvi device) avoid squandering fuel money away on the long routes, when there are short cuts, back roads “less fuel” route options to take.

As well as economising fuel money, it’ll provide you with details of mileage expenses, CO2 emissions, economical routing with the cost of journeys before it begins, and tips on how to improve driving to be a more environmentally friendly driver. You’ll be a walking driving advertisement for what has been dubbed ‘green driving’.

The option to take routes in “faster time” and “shorter distance” makes saving money a doddle and puts your tight fisted ways into something positive.

Get more info and find out if your Nuvi is compatible with the software here. ecoRoute will be available to download next month.

[via Easier]

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Lucy Hedges