Optical drive? Netbook? Introducing the Mouse LB-F1500W netbook

Mouse laptop.jpgNetbooks with optical drives are somewhat of a rarity, but there are justified reasons for this omission. For a start a built-in DVD drive isn’t going to be kind to your netbook’s battery life. Secondly, it drags prices from a pocket friendly (ish) price to a not so pocket friendly value. Thirdly, netbooks are designed for viewing, not doing – an optical drive blurs the boundaries of the netbook and notebook territory. And fourthly, a netbook with an optical drive = added bulk and a disregard for it portable nature.

Mouse (Mouse who?), a Japanese based company, is trying to attract a different breed of netbook user to its LB-F1500W netbook with, you guessed it, an optical DVD drive. So, basically it’s aimed at those who have been craving a built-in optical drive in their portable UMPC. Now perhaps, they’ll stop whining.

The little Mouse lappy packs the usual spec suspects – 1.6GHz Atom processor, 1GB RAM, 10.2-inch 1,024 x 600 screen and Windows XP Home Edition.

Its price in yen (64,800) works out to be around £516, or $729 USD, so its price doesn’t exactly scream netbook, but if you’ve been waiting for a netbook with DVD watching capabilities, the Mouse with the un-catchy name could be yours in either black or white mid-February.

[via Crave]

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Lucy Hedges