Hand gesturing USB sticks salute your saved info

hand USB drive.jpgI’m not one for spending money on USB drives, but I would totally change my cheapskate ways for Sirtified’s Hand USB Sticks (namely the rock horns version, appropriately named Rock). If this isn’t classified as making technology cool for the kids, then I don’t now what is?

These gesturing or rigor mortis style USB drives store 2GB of storage in their hands and are available in a variety of three different versions – the aforementioned Rock, the regularly thrown up West Si-eeede and I can’t work out what the last model is trying to do, so I’m going to go with East-Sieeede (to rival the west) or Shadow Puppet.

Am I the only one disappointed with the omission of a rude hand gesturing version?


$35 USD here [via Engadget]

Lucy Hedges