Cradle your gadgets as they go sleepy-bye-byes. Loser.

I have no idea why you’d want one of these. I whole heartedly subscribe to the ‘whatever doesn’t kill your gadget makes it stronger’ theory of tech ownership, and feel no pangs using my laptop as a tray, my MP3 player for a coaster and my phone for a makeshift backscratching device (bring back aerials, I say). However, I can picture the kind of apartment (and yes, it would be an apartment) that would have these power cradles in. There would be scrubbed floorboards, lots of natural light, and the kind of ‘workspace’ that would appear here. In short, it would only exist in a sitcom.

The rest of us would be too concerned that using the plug pins to secure the cradle before plugging it into the wall would be a fire hazard, particularly bearing in mind that the electricity conducting plins would be rubbing along quite nicely with the (red or black) felt. And that’s why so many firemen feature in sitcoms.

£8.99 for your own personal fire hazard here

Susi Weaser


  • Well I have kicked my phone I don’t know how many times while its charging. I think this is a great idea. It also keeps all the wires from hanging about on the floor so no tripping over in the middle of the night. I think you’re being a little cynical about this one, its a nice piece of modern design. I would also query you on the fire risk – products have to go through standards testing to be allowed to sell to public consumers.
    Also, I live in a boring house, not an apartment!

  • My kitten will definately try and sleep in that! So it will leave my ipod smelling of either cat or burnt cat – hmmmm not so good.

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