GO Scam launches lovely baby monitors at CES 2009


CES may be a mere footnote to January now, but as I dig through the pile of press releases I was excited to spot this lovely looking product. It’s a portable baby monitor, disguised as a daisy! So apart from the serious cuteness factor, is it a workable piece of kit? I’ve looked at the specs, and I have to give it resounding thumbs up.

The camera is concealed within the flowers petals, and has a 330 foot wireless transmission range. There’s a built in mic for audio recording and feedback, it switches to night vision mode in low light settings, and it can also double as a night light by soft touching the petals.

You can view all the action on the 2.5 inch TFT colour LCD screen, and the viewer is wireless as well- powered by a rechargeable Li-on battery. It has four channels to work with, to avoid interference with other frequency devices and weighs in at 160g. I have to say I’m impressed, but the all important pricepoint is still missing, and that would be the deciding factor.

From Go Scam

See here for more camera info

Zara Rabinowicz