Nokia's XpressMusic range just got bigger with the 5730


This is the newest member of the music-orientated XpressMusic family. You may be holding out for the Nokia 5800 (aka The Tube), but if it’s getting to the point where enough is enough and your impatient side has occupied your soul (thanks to having to wait for what seems like faaaaar too long for a phone) there’s always the 5730. Yes, there’s no touchscreen and yes, its outer shell isn’t as desirable as its Tube named brethren, but it is still rather desirable. As the oversized image illustrates, there’s a QWERTY keyboard to fiddle with (which I’m not entirely sure goes with the candybar design) and a reasonably sized 2-inch screen.

What you can’t see is its GPS functionality, 12MB of RAM, USB port, 3.2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth connectivity and Symbian S60 OS. Also invisible to the eye is the 5730s lack of 3G, and the its use of EDGE, which should make downloading music via Nokia’s DRM covered Comes With Music download service sluggishly fun.

It’ll be making its official appearance in April for €220 (£204).

[via Tech Digest]

Lucy Hedges