CES 2009: F.A.M.P.S are the sweetest RFID's around


You thought the Nabaztag rabbit was as cute as RFID readers were ever going to get? Well you were wrong my friends, oh so wrong. Mattel has released details of a selection of glorious South Park like figurines that trump that bunny cuteness any day of the week. The F.A.M.P.S (which stands for (Feelings, Attitudes, Moods and Personalities) are collectible figures which connect to Macs or PCs via USB or an RFID reader. Each figure allows you to personalize your desktop and add colour and different background to your online presence.

The widgets you make can then be added to emails, websites and IM, and when you swipe yours against a friend you instantly collect her data, meaning your virtual F.A.M.P.s world is even more enriched.

Details are still a little shaky at present, with not much more than the style and the disturbing blurb line that they create a ‘unique emotional makeover’. Hmm. A starter kit will be available in Fall 2009 for $16.99.


Zara Rabinowicz


  • I installed the software (after verifying that my PC met the requirements) and everything seemed to go fine, however, every time I try to run the program all I get is a screen that says “Loading Content”. How much content could this program have to load?! I’m very disappointed in Mattel for the TOTAL lack of any support for this product! I can only hope that someone reads this and may be able to offer an idea on how to make this program work…..

  • Anyone have any issues getting the program to load? It downloaded fine onto my PC (XP), but after the loading screen comes on, I get an error saying it was terminated in an unusual way. Any suggestions?

  • These little collectibles rock! You can talk online and change feelings attitudes moods and personalities realtime! Pop one of the collectible toys in this cool device that plugs into your computer and it unlocks all sorts of online communication designs – avatars, fonts, e-cards! Does anyone know if you can get them before they come out in the fall??? They say there are going to be a bunch of the collectibles! They need to make a boy’s line of these!!

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