Acer's smartphone lands on the 16th February

acer-phone-mockup-thumb-200x194-74099.jpgAcer smartphone rumours have been clogging the internet for a little while, and now, quashing all those rumours comes confirmation that an Acer smartphone will be gracing us with its presence on the 16th February. Its official appearance will be at MWC and after that it could make an official appearance in your pocket or handbag.

All we know thus far, is it will run Windows Mobile (so it won’t be one of the Android contenders) … and that’s it. All that other guff – price, connectivity, internal brain capacity, availability etc – is likely to be announced alongside the phone two days after that commercial rip-off that is Valentines Day (god, does that make me sound bitter?).

Just so you know, the handset in the picture isn’t it – it’s a mock-up off what could be. But we’ll know soon enough. We just thought you might want to know.

[via Tech Digest]

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