Yay! Hello Kitty competition ends, winners announced – it's all very exciting

Thumbnail image for lucy hk.JPGToday is a great day I tell you. Why? Because the HK competition is over (remember – those five Hello games up for grabs?) *fanfare*. And I learned a valuable lesson – do not, under any circumstances provide a competition question that requires people to get their creative and comical hats on. Let’s just say, the competition didn’t quite turn out to be the laugh fest (with just the right amount of hilarity to make me laugh out loud) I initially envisioned. There were however, some really good answers and they did make me chuckle (so thank you to those who took the time to use some wit).

So, as I said, five winners will be announced today, and five winners there shall be. Would the following please stand up and take a bow:

Kathy Downnig
Varsha Desilva
Shirley Harpley
James Holyland
Sam Lee

You will all soon be on your Hello Kitty adventure in the big city. I hope she brings you all the happiness you can imagine and hopefully even more.

Didn’t win? Try this competition – there’s a trip to Amsterdam up for grabs.

Lucy Hedges