Warning: Big Brother bosses are watching your internet

You. Yes, you.

This post is specifically directed at you.


I thought I should bring it to your attention that apparently, 65% of employers monitor internet activity in the office. This could be blocking Facebook, it could be positioning their desk behind you, so they can see what you’re looking at. As the guy who does the voiceovers for the National Lottery once said, ‘It could be you’.

So, I thought I should come up with some excuses for you as to why reading Shiny Shiny is an acceptable use of company time:

1. We’re running a series on Secret Santa gift ideas. Imply you’ve got your boss to buy for and they’ll be falling over themselves to give you adequate gift searching time.

2. It’s research. Technology is all around us and regardless of your job, you need to know this shiz. How could you possibly function without knowing that Scratch & Sniff DVDs exist?

3. Your competitors do it. What ever you do, don’t let the competition have the advantage – what’s to say it wasn’t reading Shiny Shiny that’s boosted their profits?

4. It helps you work.
Allow your employees the freedom to surf the web at their leisure and they’ll be fitter, happier, more productive (make sure you say that bit in a Stephen Hawking/Radiohead voice).

5. You have your period. Screw it – if all else fails, just try the old period fake out. Although this is only going to work if your boss is a 50 year old man stuck in the 70s.

[via ITProPortal]
Susi Weaser

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