Geek Chic of the Week: Scratch and Sniff DVD's


This is the kind of idea that you think might have been dreamed up by five year olds. Scented DVD’s? Surely that falls into the same gimmicky category as scratch and sniff stickers and collectible gummy bands (those strange black rubber wristlets everyone used to wear?)

They’re basically DVDs created with scented inks and they can be set to smell like anything you wish, from chocolate, to coffee and pizza. The idea is that you rub the disc to get a waft of scent, and I can imagine it might be good for people like perfume advertisers trying to promote their products. Other than that, it’s what I like to call a rather useless gimmick, and I can’t see these going into mass production any time soon.

Get these from CC Digital [via Crunch Gear]

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Zara Rabinowicz