Twittering in utero – it's the new Facebook page for your newborn

Tweetlet is a new service for expectant parents, which will send updates through Twitter from their foetus on its development. How deliciously weird. You put in your due date and you then receive key milestone tweets. Updates include “Blink! Wow – I can open and close my eyes now” and “I’m looking around now – it’s nice and cosy in here”.

I can’t help but feel you’d have to read them in the style of Bruce Willis, for that true Look Who’s Talking effect. Check it out here.

[via Bitchbuzz]

Susi Weaser


  • This is an anti-abortion site, it’s even blocked where i work! nice use of social media, haha.

    • Unless I’m missing something obvious, it’s not. There are no links between the creators of the site and anti-abortionists as far as I can see. If you know differently, please do let me know – we’re Pro Choice here.

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