The Knomo laptop bags/trolleys are style on wheels

knomo_serra.JPGLook at this woman. She looks so happy with her Knomo Serra wheelie bag. Could it be the quilted design or perhaps it’s the practicality of its design and ease of use that has her grinning like the Cheshire cat. That could be you. If you’re going to be practical, you may as well do it in style right? And Knomo’s selection of bags on wheels look like fab choices. There are three to choose from, but seeing as they’re all in black (see other pictures after the jump) it’s a little hard to differentiate. But I can tell you what separates each bag from the other. Firstly the Serra bag (pictured above) is ideal for hand luggage and it has waterproof casing so your laptop will be protected should you happen to be wheeling your bag through a bout of torrential rain.

Next up, it’s the Verona Trolley, the most spacious of the three and in my opinion the nicest, thanks to its luuurvely quilted design and protective internal padding. According to the press release it’s makes great luggage to accompany you on a ‘romantic break in a snow-capped mountain’ (anyone doing that this year?).

Lastly, it’s the curvy Vienna case, great for ‘whizzing in and out of shops with ease’… apparently. I can’t imagine this being particularly practical in the middle of Oxford Street. It might ease your shopping experience, but it will without fail, spoil hundreds of others – it’ll be akin to when people insist on bringing their prams to Notting Hill Carnival.

We already know, Mr Samuel L Jackson himself is a fan of all things Knomo, but have they won you over?




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Lucy Hedges


  • I think they’re a brilliant idea! If you think it’s a silly idea, you’ve obviously never been to a trade fair – carring around my laptop and my work in a shoulder bag all day while trying to buy samples is something i will NEVER attempt again! Plus i thought the ideas is that they’re water proof so puddles aren’t a problem????? I’ve never bought a wheeled laptop case before because they’re usually so ugly, so this is a real find for me – thanks!!

  • So wait… I’m supposed to roll about my expensive laptop for pedestrians to trip over, dogs to urinate on, and mud puddles to suck up? Seems a tad silly. All in the name of fashion, I suppose…

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