The Electrolux Flatshare fridge for peope who share flats

flastshare.jpgOne of the rituals of being a student undoubtedly has to be furtively stealing food from your flatmates (a situation I believe the producers of Hollyoaks are dealing with at the moment). Whether it’s eggs, chocolate digestives, a tin of bake beans or even a pot of half eaten hoisin source – it just can’t be helped (I never understood how someone can have a hot sauce addiction and never buy hot sauce!!). The politics of a shared fridge 99 percent of the time ends in arguments, intentional sabotage, bitchy comments and before you know it you’ve all fallen out, post-its are being used and you don’t trust them enough to keep open food in the communal kitchen.

Could the Electrolux Flatshare Fridge solve the problem? I doubt it. In fact the only way to solve it would be to move out and take your pod with you – which you can totally do by the way.

However, unless there’s some kind of padlock mechanism in place on each compartment, the beans will still be eaten, your cheese will still have grubby finger prints all over it from prohibited use and you will find two eggs missing from the pack.

Sadly, it’s only a concept, created by a chap called created by Stefan Buchberger. But word on the web is a price is yet to be announced, so it could be making its way to your quarrelsome kitchen very soon.

[via Stuff magazine]

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  • I love to have this product? Is this product available in the market now? You see I’m looking for new flatmates, I already posted my available unit on ,one of the room to let websites here in UK. I want to buy that product before my soon to be new roommate arrives.

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