Shiny Review: INQ1 from 3

The INQ1 from 3 is a Facebook, Skype, MSN and friendly phone with a not too shabby design. If you missed the low down on the handset, Zara live blogged the 3 conference where it was initially announced here and gave us a sneak preview here. But if you want to see more, I suggest you watch Duncan get to grips with it below. With social networking heavily integrated into the phone, it’s got the potential to be a nifty piece of mobile equipment. Find out what Duncan makes of it.

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Lucy Hedges

One thought on “Shiny Review: INQ1 from 3

  • Hi there Duncan,

    Mike from INQ here. Nice review, thought I’d just clarify some points.

    You *can* charge and listen to the headphones at the same time – there’s a piggyback port on the back of the headphone plug. In fact, if it’s plugged into a laptop, you can use it as a Mobile Broadband dongle, as well as charging, as well as listening to audio, as well as transferring media to/from the Micro-SD card.

    Plus on the 3 tariff you get unlimited cross-network texts and Skype too.

    p.s. it’s a Mini-USB, not a Micro-USB.



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