Buffalo's Linkstation Quad provides supercharged storage

buff quad.jpg

Buffalo have introduced a new NAS device to their storage line-up, and it boasts some pretty impressive specs. For those unfamiliar with the term NAS, it stands for Network Attached Storage, and is basically a file server that is attached to a network. It lets you stream movies, upload data, and store files, and everyone on the network can access it. Their new line-up is great for households who use a large quantity of media (or download a lot) as it stores a significant amount. I like the fact that the units are also upgradeable, which means they’ll be cost effective in the long term, and the Quad is a rather unassuming box, so won’t mess up your décor.

The Quad has been designed to sync seamlessly with the iPhone so you can stream music into it as well as allow users on the system to access their files and media remotely. You can also set up the BitTorrent to download onto the Quad which means you can save power and space on the PC as it doesn’t need to be on during the download . They’ve also included Memeo AutoBackup Software so you’ll never lose data in the event of a computer meltdown.

It costs from £509 for 1TB to £939 for 4TB at Buffalo.

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Zara Rabinowicz