SAMPLE SALE ALERT: Knomo goodies up to 75 percent off


As far as gadgety accessories go, Knomo bags/cases/covers are up there with some of the best. We love them, Samuel L Jackson loves them – the question is do you love them enough to take some time out of your day to head on over to W1 for a sample sale? Put it like this – if you’ve ever seen a Knomo product on the site and were drooling at the mouth, your jaw dropped to the floor and/or you found yourself thinking about one of its products at really strange times of the day, then I think you need to get a pen and paper and write down this information.

If you want in on the luxury line, where bags that normally retail for £250 and are being slashed by up to 85 percent, you to get your ass down to Great Titchfield Street. The sale starts today and ends tomorrow. And if you’re a pro sale shopper you should know, Tuesday’s sale won’t be half as good as Monday’s. Oh, and you’re welcome.

[via The Bag Lady]

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Lucy Hedges