Maimed teddy bear heads make USB warm gloves

USB_Warm_Gloves_1.jpgYou know when you’ve had a teddy bear for at least five years+ and it starts to adopt a certain look that gives the impression it’s been left to matt somewhere in the back of a cupboard, the loft or underneath your bed, losing its appeal and cuteness for every minute longer it’s kept there. Enter the USB Warm Gloves from Thanko. It looks like someone’s ripped the heads off a some innocent teddy twins (that have been kept in one of the aforementioned storage spaces for ten years) to make something that screams DIY job.

I’m all for heated USB gloves, but these USB Warm Gloves from Thanko fall into the tacky and dreadfully awful pile for me. I can’t believe they have the potential to make money. It’s almost a crime they’re allowed to be sold.

Believe it or not, there is actually some technology pumping through it. The gloves feature built-in heat a generator and a USB connector. And perhaps when summer’s doing the rounds again next year, you can use them as teddy boxing gloves, as the woman in the picture enthusiastically demonstrates, knocking the stuffing (sorry) out of you mates.


[via Akihabara News]

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Lucy Hedges