USB heated gloves will definitely help you survive the office winter

usb-gloves.jpgHow I wish I had a pair of these RIGHT NOW. It is absolutely arctic in Shiny Towers today. The temperature is so sub zero I’ve actually lost part of the feelings in my hands – they feel numb like the blood has actually ceased circulating. So I’m improvising today. My hands will not be seeing the light of day very much, only the tips of my fingers will be coming out when necessary, in a similar style to the rodents in the Whac-A-Mole game – quickly and not for very long – as they’re going to remain for the most part of the day stuffed up the sleeves of my woolly cardigan. If I had these USB Heated Gloves there’d be no need for a grumble and improvisation.

I could slip my poor frozen hands into this woolly haven, connect them via USB and let the heated pads get to work on making my hands feel the right amount of warmth they deserve for typing rigorously all day. The open end design means you can get on with work normally without having to experience what it’s like to have chunky typing fingers and at $21.99 USD, the price is reasonable enough to give yourself a wintry treat.

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Lucy Hedges

One thought on “USB heated gloves will definitely help you survive the office winter

  • Lucy I felt your pain yesterday – landlord had turn the power off over the weekend so we walked into an office that was colder than the fridge should have been!

    These sound fantastic and I think I might have to get a couple of pairs – a great secret santa pressie methinks!

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