Could this be the Attila the hun of mobile phones?

motorola_atila.jpgAttila the Hun was a fierce warrior and king of the Huns during the fifth century. During his rule, he was one of the most fearsome fighters of the Western and Eastern Roman Empires’ enemies. So is that what message Motorola is trying to put across by naming their new phone the Atilla? Has Motorola named their new mobile after one of the most feared warriors in history, so it’s essentially intimidating by association, causing other mobiles to quake in their shells?

Well I wouldn’t be surprised. What with Blackberry producing an impressive series this year, the latest being the Curve and with Nokia’s N Series growing substantially this year too, Motorola’s been taken out of the limelight quite a bit. But that could all change once we head into 2009. Not only is it tipped to deliver the second Android handset, the Attila will be making its official appearance too.

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The Attila is quite a beefy handset from Motorola – but good beefy, as opposed to bad beefy. There’s a 2.8-inch touchscreen, WiFi, HSDPA, HSUPA – so downloading and uploading should be a speedy and satisfying experience. The best feature though, is its reputed 5 megapixel camera, whooping the asses of the iPhone, the Storm and the Curve 8900.

Next year’s going to be exciting. Bring on the battle of the phones.


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Lucy Hedges