The Boombench would make the best bus stop bench EVER


Now if this was at my local bus stop, firstly that’d be a reason to break my bus boycott and secondly I’d be more than happy to wait for a bus and chat to the elderly about “the lovely weather we’re having”. I might even be persuaded to miss one bus and catch the next 15 minutes later. And why not when I’d be sitting on the Boombench? In a nutshell, it’s a mahoosive Bluetooth stereo nailed to the ground in a similar fashion to a park bench, pumping out 60 watts of sound through two co-axial speakers, two subwoofers and a bass bin (bring on the bass) to make you shake your ass… literally.

In an ideal world, anyone could turn up at a Boombench and stream music from the Bluetooth device straight to the speaker. However this poses *a lot* of potential problems. What happens when there’s a conflict of interest over the music? What happens when someone tells you to “turn that shit off”? Or what happens when a hoody and his crew approach the bench demanding their choons be played or else (I’m being stereotypical here – of course I know not all hoodies are thugs and like to stab people otherwise I’d be very scared of Susi right now)? I foresee fights and a hell of a lot of arguments on the horizon.

These days you can’t put a bloody statue up without someone attempting to steal it or deface it with graffiti and the like, so I doubt we’ll be seeing Michael Schone’s creation in London anytime soon.

[via Tech Digest]

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