No more text frustration for PS3 gamers with the wireless keypad


PS3 gamers with a perpetual need to send text messages to all their Playstation Network pals, but could do without the hand cramp that comes along with it, will be all high fives today when they find out salvation is the way in the form of the the Playstation 3 Wireless Keyboard. It’s got a bit of a chatpad thing going on, the only difference being PS3’s version sits at the bottom, rather than the top of the controller for what I imagine to be more ergonomic typing.

It’s a wireless keyboard, so a full QWERTY keyboard is on offer, making your life all the more easier when getting down to some vigorous typing action. It’s even got a touch pad for mouse control – although trying to find it in the official pic is a bit like trying to find Wally (where is it?). It attaches to Sixaxis and DualShock 3 controllers, includes shortcuts for Coimmunications and Message box and makes its official appearance on the 28th November for £24.99.

Playstation 3

[via Digital Spy]

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Lucy Hedges