Soundwave claims world's first amphibious MP3 player

freestyle_soundwave.jpgNow waterproof cases aren’t entirely trustworthy and if you’re going to worry about your MP3 player the entire time it’s in the water, you may as well forget it. A waterproof MP3 player on the other hand is something you can enjoy without paranoia kicking in. The Soundwave would make a handy amphibious accessory. It’s shock resistant, comes with waterproof headphones and armband accessories, and can handle itself in up to 10 feet of water.

Despite what Freestyle Audio says, this isn’t the “world’s first amphibious MP3 player” and the only way to listen to your favourite tunes underwater before the Soundwave came along was not in a submarine (maybe in the 70s). It may be the first MP3 player to fully submerge up to ten feet, but it’s definitely been done and has the t-shirt to prove it.

Freestyle Audio refers to their device as “a smarter purchase” as opposed to Speedo’s “lesser product”. But based on the claims made above, it’s best to take their commentary with a pinch of salt.

So if you’re a bit of a water baby and like to partake in a bit of water sports or other aqua based activities get your Soundwave here for $89.95.

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Lucy Hedges

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  • Does anyone else think that its possibly the ugliest mp3 player ever? At least the Speedo one looks cute!

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