Sony release two new digital photo frames for Christmas

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Photo frames may not be the most exciting of products, but at this time of year they’re pretty high priority, as they make the best gifts. And digital ones go a step further as if you’re thoughtful/have lots of time on your hands you can add a selection of beloved clips for your friend to treasure.

Sony have just released details of two new digital photo frames, the DPF-D80 and DPF-D100.

You can choose either an 8 inch or 10.4 inch screen which uses a SVGA panel to create brilliant colors, The photo frames are sensitive to orientation so you can switch them between landscape and portrait at whim. The frames have 256MB of inbuilt memory (with a MMC card slot) which can store up to 500 photos, and you get a wireless remote to control the action.

There are ten options for the slide show so you can set the effect of your choice, and the frame comes in two finishes, so you can choose from black or chocolate . There’s also an internal clock and calendar to help you stay on top of things.

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Zara Rabinowicz