Skullcandy's limited edition Skullcrushers deliver the bass

skullcrushers.jpgSubwoofers are great aren’t they? They make sure the drums and the base get the high fidelity treatment they so deserve, not to mention drowning out the sound of passers by and more importantly charity muggers brandishing clipboards (I’m sorry but I really don’t have time to chat). That’s why the Skullcrushers from Skullcandy sound like an audiophiles dream – there’s a subwoofer in each ear and they’ve been personally designed by skateboard and rock poster artist Jim Philips (which is great news if you’re a fan). This is what probably makes them limited edition.

The name of the headphones indicates the sound is going to be utterly mind blowing (as does the screaming mouth), which should satisfy your inner head rocker, but hopefully not literally skull crushing – they’d have a lot of law suits on their hands if that was to happen.

So if you crave bass and an on-the-move club vibe, skullcrushers sound like they’ll definitely do the trick.


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