Rick Astley scoops Best Act Ever at MTV Music Awards

Such is the Power of the Internet – Rick Astley, who had medium-sized success with one song in 1988, has managed to claim a title as the Best Act Ever over the likes of Britters and U2. But then Britters and U2 weren’t the subject of The Most Annoying Internet Meme of 2007, were they?

You’d think this news would be sufficient to get Mr Astley over to Liverpool for the awards, but sadly he couldn’t be there to collect his award. He obviously wasn’t aware that it was a bloody miracle he’d been invited to an awards show post-1988, and presumably isn’t aware that he will never get the chance to go to an awards show ever again, unless he starts entering competitions on local radio. Poor Rick.

[via MusicAlly]
Susi Weaser


  • That’s the great thing about Rick Astley – he didn’t fade into obscurity, he gave up music because he simply wasn’t up for being famous. He just wanted to be a normal human. Got to hand it to him really (which is why they *couldn’t* hand his award to him).

    Also, yes, Chris it was just to get people like you up in arms.

  • Has the world gone bonkers? Or did MTV give him this award just to get people like me up in arms. Rick Astley was a tea boy made good who had one hit (not his own) and a hair cut and rain coat that were trendy for about 30 seconds. He would struggle to get in the Top 1000 acts of the 1980s, let alone an award 20 years later. He seems like a nice boy, but honestly…

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