Friday Video Fun: Bjork explains your telly box

I hate Bjork. There. I said it. But apparently, to the majority of people, she’s sweet and whimsical and wonderfully Icelandic. Watch as she explains the technology behind your TV in her not-at-all-annoying Bjork voice.

Susi Weaser


  • It’s cute in a way. I don’t particularly like Bjork, but I find it endearing how she flicks her eyes up and away from the camera whenever she’s searching for the word she’s looking for. Maybe that’s because I’m constantly forgetting vocabulary myself though!

  • Susi, you are saying Bjork is annoying? That shes got an odd voice? But how do you explain that and keep a straight face? Oh thats right you cant what with your head flicking & your odd little not-at-all annoying accent? I mean you cant even say you’re talking in a foreign language as an excuse.
    This is Silly ScarlettSusi for ShiniShiney… ahem ;)

    • Au contraire, I’m actually Dutch. Also, nice variation on the spelling of Shiny. It’s good to keep things fresh.

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