Olympus to release the E-30, a Four Thirds camera


It seems Four Third cameras are the way to go this year, with Olympus following in Panasonic’s footsteps with the launch of their very own Four Thirds model, the E-30. It combines a 12.3 megapixel Live MOS sensor with shooting speeds that can take 5fps and has a built in flash with a wireless commander.

E-30 back_free-angle-LCD_XL1.jpg

The specs look pretty impressive, and the features are endless. This will sit in the mid range level of DSLR’s as some of the features are familiar to those who like digital cameras- autofocus and face detection comes to mind, whilst those inclined towards artier snaps will appreciate the multiple functions.

You get a large optical viewfinder with the option of Live View and a Lightbox view which allows you side by side comparison of images, You also get the choice of 9 multi aspect ratios which allow you to set your own individual framings to scenes and there are 27 shooting modes (5 Exposure Modes, 5 Creative Modes, 11 Scene Select Modes, 6 Art Filters).

The art filters allow you to create great effects without the need for expensive extra lenses and you can chose from pop Art, SoftFocus, Light Tone, Pale and Light Colour and Pin Hole. You can preview these options before snapping, and I think they’d make the camera a lot more versatile as well as being a fun feature to play around with.

Available from mid Jan at Olympus

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Zara Rabinowicz

One thought on “Olympus to release the E-30, a Four Thirds camera

  • Great article. I thought everyone would want to see a video of 10 University of the Arts photography students using Olympus Digital SLRs with In-Camera Creative Functions – Art Filters, Multiple Exposure, Multi-Aspect shooting:

    Video says that there’s a Get Olympus group in Facebook with student outtakes showing what the images look like. Just joined.

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