Day four: coming off the social network crack

It seems I’ve picked an ideal week to ignore the internet – reports are that it’s loaded with US election related stuff (interesting the first time it’s mentioned, but there’s only so many time you can read ‘X is thrilled Obama won’ without grinding your teeth). And yes, that would indicate that I’ve found some enablers, who are happy to condense the day’s activity for me into a 30 second highlight package.

I did almost fall off the wagon by looking at a screengrab someone sent me from Facebook, but really, that shouldn’t count, should it? And if it does, surely the blame lies with the sender? Yes, quite. My thoughts exactly.

It would seem Twitter might be over anyway. I got an email yesterday, saying that my Dad had joined Twitter. A sure sign that the end, folks, is nigh.

Susi Weaser


  • Oh – so talking about Facebook is fine, but sending screenshots isn’t?

    I think there should be some clearly defined rules to this.

    Maybe in some sort of handy list format?

    • The rules are thus: my eyes can’t look at a Facebook or Twitter page, or app. Screenshots are ok, daily digests are ok, getting Katie and Stu to read me stuff is ok, reading Facebook emails in my Outlook is ok.

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