Mobile phones are in for a 12.25 megapixel treat

SONY-IMX060PQ-thumb-200x202.jpgI’m sure you’ve been told or have heard at some point in your life (probably by guys endowed with unimpressive packages) it’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use it… or is it the motion in the ocean? Well it’s something along those lines, but that’s all irrelevant anyway – the Exmor CMOS sensors from Sony completely throw that theory out the window with their brand new Exmore CMOS sensors for your phone (hopefully phone manufacturers will be making full use of them in the near future). Think 8 megapixels is a bit paltry? Fixing one of these bad boys to your handset will boost its megapixel status and probably yours.

There are 3 offerings for mobile phone makers to take advantage of – 5.15, 8.11 and 12.25 Exmor CMOS sensors. Sony has ensured noise reduction is a priority before and after the analogue to digital conversion and high quality is a must with a three-layer low pass filter designed to retain only the high quality details from your snaps. How accurate it actually is will remain a mystery until we get our hands on a product filled with Sony technology. Until then we can only take their word.

Fed up of criticizing your camera phone’s capabilities? Just wait until these bad boys hit the market.

[via Tech Digest]

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Lucy Hedges