Logic3 Valve80 brings warm sound to your (possibly) cold living room

There’s something slightly love/hate about the new Valve80 iPod speaker system from Logic3. Whilst valve technology generally brings a warmer sound to your music, that doesn’t necessarily make up for the fact that it looks like you’ve got an 80s film version of The Future sitting in your living room.

Having said that, this speaker system will deliver 80 watts of sound, and promises to bring a different ‘tone and richness’ to your music. It’s also relatively minimalist in design, as the front features just a volume and an input switch, with the rest of the controls being housed in the confines of the remote. The very same remote you’re bound to lose three days after unpacking it.

It’ll be available from Amazon for £299 in December, although you seem to be able to preorder it from Logic3 here.

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Susi Weaser