Girls Aloud go to the dogs.. the Dogstrust that is, together with Ninetendogs


Girls Aloud are showing their philanthropic side by teaming up with the Dogs Trust to help teach children that dogs are for life, not just for Christmas. Despite some rather questionable outfit choices (why does Kimberly have red hearts on her you know whats?) this is a great way to make kids aware of what’s involved in having a dog, as though they’re fun and fluffy there’s also the need to get handy with a pooper scooper.

To help reach impressionable young minds they’re suggesting that using a Ninetendogs on the DS will help kids learn how to nurture a pooch. Presumably these skills can be transferred to the real live version once they get to an acceptable virtual level of care.

Nintendo are donating a selection of DS’s and copies of Nintendogs to the Dogs Trust to be used as an educational tool, ad these will be shared with people visiting the centres and outreach workers in schools. The messages in the game should make kids think twice about buying a puppy on a whim and realize the long term commitment required in owning a real dog, which should lead to the number of abandoned dogs falling.

Girls Aloud are keen god lovers and happy to get involved with such a positive project. They say, ‘We are all dog lovers ourselves so are fully supportive of this scheme which teaches kids what looking after a dog really involves’.

[via the Dogs Trust]

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Zara Rabinowicz