Wispa calls on die hard fans for the love of Wispa TV ad

wispa_bar.jpgWispa bars are so unbelievably yummy, I didn’t even think twice about the repercussions I’d face for stealing the Wispa bar my sister was saving when we were younger. And I’d do it again – I just can’t get enough of its melt in your mouth chocolate-y goodness. Needless to say when Wispa ceased production and were unjustly removed from corner shops across the country, it marked the end of a great chocolate-y era for me. So imagine how over excited I was when I saw it in my local sweet shop one day – I bought five. Its long-awaited and highly anticipated comeback (with a little help from Facebook) felt like Christmas had come early.

Now it appears Wispa could do with your help again and is calling on YOU to help them make an advert. Your level of contribution is entirely up to you – you could pledge yourself, your musical skills, lend props from plastic hula hoops to horses to more extravagant pledges like aeroplanes (I would but I’m lending mine out at the minute) or you could simply provide some resources. Anything they get by 10am on the 1st December could make an appearance in the advert. It’s only going to be aired once (at some point in December) so consider yourself pretty darn lucky if you’re a part of it.

Why not pledge yourself or perhaps lend an aeroplane here.

Read all about it and check out the pledges here.

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Lucy Hedges