Combat SAD with the Philips Wake-Up Light

Philips_wake-up_light.JPGThe drastic weather change hasn’t gone unnoticed, and while some of us are happy to swap our gladiator sandals for Ugg boots, there are some who don’t take to weather change very well. These people are just SAD. No I’m not mocking them for being affected by the shitty British weather, I’m highlighting that these people are prone to Seasonal Affective Disorder – a mood disorder that turns normal folk into depressed beings.

Don’t let the crappy Blighty weather get the better of you and make you sink you into a reclusive winter depression, try the Philips Wake-Up Light and see if you can’t shake that disorder off your back.

Half an hour before you’re due to wake from slumber, the Wake-Up Light emits light that increases in intensity over 30 minutes, to simulate the sun rising. As well as a built-in alarm, there’s the option to include relaxation noises to help you wake up and feel more energised and zen-like throughout the day, spreading your good cheer throughout your workplace. So basically, it’s designed to help your mood so you don’t wake up in your usual grumpy/suicidal self (just me then?) and ultimately have a crappy day.

It’s available for £59.99 from Amazon or for a slightly higher price of £66.59 from Argos (you know, in case Amazon’s sold out).


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Lucy Hedges

One thought on “Combat SAD with the Philips Wake-Up Light

  • This product has nothing to do with treating SAD. The only effective treatment for SAD is to sit a few inches away daylight therapy lamp for a minimum of few hours a day.
    Marketing this at SAD sufferers is effectively mis-selling the product.

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