Facebook tries to bag Twitter and fails

twitter.jpgFacebook is undisputedly the king (or queen) of social networking sites. And if you’re a dedicated Facebook user, there’s a good chance you use the hugely popular microblogging site Twitter, to update your daily goings on. But like the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the Mega Dragonzord, would you want the two to combine to create the ultimate social networking tool? There are dedicated users who already sync their Facebook status with their Twitter updates, but how would you feel if the two were officially fused together?

Well it appears it doesn’t really matter what you think, Facebook has already had its $500 million USD offer to get its hands on Twitter declined. The offer made was in stock rather than actual money, so understandably there were concerns regarding just how much that stock was actually worth. In this time of economic uncertainty and declining stock rates, paying via stock isn’t the most compelling of offers, especially to a site that hasn’t yet utilised any of its money making opportunities. So Twitter decided it’d be best if they held the reigns for a bit longer. Facebook also had integration and cost concerns, so with both parties considerably unhappy, the deal was best left alone.

Although the two overlap, mainly in the status update territory, they are still two very different forms of social networking. You may have added all and sundry to your Facebook account but would you really want the same crowd following your tweets? Something tells me this idea hasn’t been put to rest, so think about it.

[via Tech Digest]

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