Onion powered iPod is an environmentalist's dream

onion_ipod.jpgAn environmentally friendly iPod user, probably affected by the state of the economical climate, found himself brainstorming money saving ideas that would enable him to hold on to a few pennies during these harsh times. This brainstorm eventually led to a way to power his iPod using nothing more than an energy drink and an onion (or so he says).

So here’s how he did it. He dug two holes into the onion, poured in the energy drink, then plugged in his USB cable to boost his iPod with juice. He claims a “friend showed me the experiment as a laugh but I thought it was the greatest thing I have ever seen, and do it religiously every day”.

A heading such as this warrants a double take, which is exactly what I did when I came across this dubious story. Power accumulated via an onion with a splash of energy drink? It sounds like some kind of joke. But then again, I haven’t tried out said experiment and I didn’t pay much attention in science class, so who am I to contest these claims? Perhaps physics lecturer Phil Stubbles revelations could dispel my cynicism. He revealed almost all vegetables mixed with energy drinks could power an iPod because of the mixture of ions, “The only problem is you have no control over how long it may work for… and it can be smelly” (you think?).

I’ve taken in the facts, but I’m still not convinced, so I’m off home. I’ve got some experimenting to do.

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Lucy Hedges


  • Environmentalist’s dream, are you mad? Recharged from a traditional wall-wart power adaptor, the energy used by a DAP in regular use would amount to mere cents per week, if that.

    Also, an expert’s given his advice based on years of education and experience, but you’re still not convinced? Let me tell you about this amazing new alternative medicine I’ve discovered…

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